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Sample Database and SQL Scripts

Sample Database

I have tried to create a unique educational database which I hope you find interesting and most importantly, helps you practice SQL so that you can work towards the mastery of data management and retrieval.  The sample database is about birds and referred to as the BIRDS database. 

I AM NOT a bird expert, so try not to judge too much on the content.  I am a hobbyist photographer and live by a body of water, so my subjects just happen to be birds, mostly birds of prey.  If you know more than me, I invite you to share thoughts on how to make this sample database better.  I absolutely encourage you to add to and modify this database as you see fit and as you become more comfortable with SQL.  I have tried to include most types of data and data relationships in this database that will help you with hands-on exercises. 


This sample database is provided to you as a courtesy and a supplement to the new 7th edition of my best-selling book, Teach Yourself SQL in 24 Hours, 7th Edition.  If you do not yet have the book, this database can still be used as a resource for learning.  Either way, I hope that I have even the smallest part of helping you succeed in your career with SQL, as you help yourself or your organization and customers maximize their competitive advantage through superior data management.  Cheers...

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)

BIRDS database

Predators of birds, add-on tables

Photographers of birds, add-on tables

SQL Scripts to Build Your Sample BIRDS Database





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